The Magstrike clip is a Nerf dart clip.

It comes packaged with the Magstrike, Stark Industries N.R.F. 425 Blaster and the Magstrike AS-10; two come with the original Dart Tag version and one comes with the N-Strike re-release and the Iron Man promotional blaster. It cannot be purchased separately.


It is an orange clip that holds up to ten Micro Darts at a time. In the front of the clip are ten holes lined up vertically for darts to go into. A dart peg is located in each front hole. When the blaster is fired, the clip slides upwards so darts can be shot.

An occasional problem with the Magstrike clip is that it will drop back into the blaster suddenly, causing unneeded air releases. At one point in time the clip could be ordered from Hasbro, however this offer has since expired.[1]

It is very similar in design and function to the PowerClip's built in clip.[2] In fact, with minor modification it is entirely possible for the Magstrike clip to be compatible with a PowerClip.[3] Unlike the PowerClip's clip, however, it can be removed and used on another Magstrike.

Compatible blasters


  • Some fans have created their own extension of the clip due to the lack of a larger-capacity clip being available.[4]


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