The Max-D 2000 is a Hasbro Super Soaker that was released in 2002.

From 2006 until its demise, it was a Target exclusive.


The Max-D 2000 is the smallest soaker in the Max-D line. Of the smaller soakers in the series, it is the only to have an exposed handle; the pump shaft ends before the handle. The reservoir of the soaker is translucent to allow the player to see how filled the soaker is, although the player cannot actually see through the reservoir itself.

Due to the size of the soaker, it has just one nozzle. Alongside the remainder of the Max-D soakers, it features the new trigger design, with a notable effect of this being the loud click heard after the trigger is pulled.


It was originally released in 2002, however it was later re-released in all major lines between 2004 and 2008 with the exception of the Aquashock line. After its appearance in the Max Infusion line, it became a permanent Target-exclusive. The soaker did not make the jump to 2010's Soaker Wars lineup, indicating the soaker is most likely discontinued.

The Max-D 2000 was re-released as a Toy Story promotional soaker for the SoakerTag series in 2004.

Color schemes

The Max-D 2000 has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Yellow and green
  • Green and blue
  • Green and purple
  • Blue and orange
  • Green and dark green
  • Purple and red
  • Red and blue
  • Orange and blue
  • Silver and blue
  • Red and yellow
  • Silver and green (Toy Story promotional soaker)


MaxD2000Original MaxD2000SoakerTagElite MaxD2000ToyStory
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