Max Force: The Video Game is a cancelled video game project that was based on the Max Force series. The game was scheduled to be released Christmas of 1995 by Kenner Products, but failed to do so due to lack of budget.


In the game, blasters from the Max Force series would have been featured as weapons. Other blasters not from the license would also have been featured, such as the Arrowstorm and the Ballzooka. Unlike other Nerf video games, there wouldn't be any fictional blasters.

The actual game, which was slated to be released on the Atari Jaguar CD, would have had mechanical enemies, ranging from tanks to humanoid robots. It is unknown as to what the game's story would have been.


After failing to meet the Christmas deadline, the game was pushed back to a 1996 release.[1]

After several years of no new information, assembled footage of the game was used for the Jaguar CD homebrew title "9 Lives", feature eight other canceled video games for the system.[2]

To-be-featured blasters

Official videos


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