Max Infusion is a series of Hasbro Super Soakers that began in 2006.


This series features a new type of lineup, dropping the SoakerTag moniker of the past two series. They had a special reservoir cap, which allowed the soaker to be filled without opening the cap. The line this time consisted of two air pressure soakers and one accessory. These were accompanied by several re-releases from the previous SoakerTag Elite, SoakerTag, Max-D and XP lines.


The oldest soaker in the series is the XP-70, initially released in 1998 under the XP series. None of any of the three products were released under a later series, and all were discontinued.


Super Soakers

Name Year
ArcticShockMaxInfusion Arctic Shock 2005/2006
DefenderNoBox Defender 2006
FlashFloodMaxInfusion Flash Flood 2005/2006
HelixMaxInfusion2 Helix 2004/2006
LiquidatorMaxInfusion Liquidator/Pressurizer 2004/2006
MaxD2000MaxInfusionTwinPack Max-D 2000 2002/2006
MaxD3000MaxInfusion Max-D 3000 2002/2006
MaxD5000MaxInfusionTwinPack Max-D 5000 2002/2006
OverloadBox Overload 2006
TripleAgressorMaxInfusion Triple Aggressor 2004/2006
VaporizerMaxInfusion Vaporizer 2004/2006
XP70MaxInfusion XP-70 1998/2006
XP215ArcticShockTwinPack XP-215 2001/2006
XP220MaxInfusionTwinPack XP-220 2000/2006
XP240MaxInfusion XP-240 2000/2006


Name Year
Aquapack50 Aquapack 2006