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Mega Centurion Crashdown is an online game on the Nerf website. The objective of the game is to destroy all the target balls in a level and to rack up a high score. To track high scores and unlock further content in game, the player must be registered and signed into the Nerf Perfect Challenge.


The player begins each level with five darts and must destroy every target ball before they run out of darts. Before taking a shot, players can aim left and right with their mouse; once the blaster has been fired, the player can control the fired dart's trajectory with their mouse. Target balls can be destroyed by either hitting them directly or by hitting the structures they are resting on. Hitting structures instead of balls directly can cause chain reactions and destroy multiple target balls with one shot.

Aside from destroying the objective target balls, players can also collect other targets to get additional points. Special "stunts" in game can also be performed to gain additional points.

At the end of each stage, the player is awarded with points depending on how many darts they had left; 500 points is given for each dart not fired. Extra darts can be obtained if the player is logged in to the Nerf website.

Dart types

While the player only has one blaster to use in game, they can unlock and choose from four different types of darts if they are logged into the Nerf website.

  • Normal Dart
  • Nimble Effect - Unlocked at 25,000 points
  • Magnet Effect - Unlocked at 100,000 points
  • Heavy Effect - Unlocked at 240,000 points

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