Not to be confused with the N-Strike Elite Suction Dart.

Not to be confused with the Buzz Bee variation of the Micro Dart.

The Micro Dart (commonly called a Suction Dart or Sticky Dart) is a type of Nerf dart.


The Micro Dart is a rather small dart and is used in many non-clip system blasters. The Micro Dart was one of the most common Nerf dart types during the years of its popularity. A basic Micro Dart features a suction cup head that will stick to most smooth surfaces, even when fired at long range.

The Micro Dart served as the basis for many other dart types, such as the Whistler Dart and Tagger Micro Dart.


They were first introduced in 1993 with the Rip Rockets series; because of this, they were originally called "Rip Rockets". It acted as a successor to the then-popular Mega Dart and went on to outlive it. The popularity of the Micro Dart saw it as the most common dart types for many years.

With modern N-Strike blasters, it was commonly packaged with single-fire and revolver-type blasters. However, it was slowly phased out by the Whistler Dart, which had started to become the common dart type.

In 2012, it was replaced by the N-Strike Elite Elite Dart as the common dart type; in 2014, the Suction Dart was introduced and serves as a true successor to the Micro Dart.

Despite the gradual decline of Micro Dart production, certain promotional blasters still feature Micro Darts. Micro Darts are also sold in N-Strike Elite packaging in some areas of the world.

Color schemes

The Micro Dart has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Standard (orange body and black head)
  • Original (black body and orange head)
  • Clear Series (red body and red head)
  • Glow-in-the-dark (white body and gray head)
  • Variant 1 (gray body and blue head)
  • Variant 2 (orange body and purple head)
  • Variant 3 (orange body and blue head)
  • Variant 4 (red body and black head)
  • Variant 5 (yellow body and purple head)
  • Ammo Bag Kit (camouflage body and black head)
  • Precision Target Set (blue body and orange head)

Refill sizes

Micro Darts refill packs can be purchased in the following sizes:

Size Price
613472904b58 a100 10 ?
MicroDart16 16 5.49 USD
30 Micro Dart Bag Refill 30 (packaged with mesh bag) ?
MicroDart36 36 9.99 USD
13.99 SGD[1]
MicroDart45 45 ?
Ammo bag camo suction darts 50 (Ammo Bag Kit) 19.99 USD


  • They are extremely hard to find in the United Kingdom, as most of the blasters that would have Micro Darts in the United States or other countries are replaced by Whistler Darts or Sonic Micro Darts in the United Kingdom.
  • Strangely, in the Nerf N-Strike video game, clip system blasters are depicted to fire Micro Darts, even though they don't have streamlined heads.
  • The back of the Elite packaging of the 36-pack labels and advertises the Jolt incorrectly as the Jolt IX-3.



  1. SG Nerf: Singapore Nerf Stock List.

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