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The Missile Launcher is a Nerf blaster that was released in 1992 under the Original Nerf name.

It comes packaged with three arrows.


It is a mortar-type blaster; users stomp on a plastic bladder to fire an arrow. The bladder holds compressed air, and when stomped on, forces the air out, causing the arrow to shoot. It is very similar to the Air Launcher, as both are mortar-style blasters.

It can hold three extra arrows in its arrow holder surrounding the firing prong.

Reloading and firing

Toys Nerf Missle Launcher00:19

Toys Nerf Missle Launcher

The official Missile Launcher commercial.

To reload the Missile Launcher, place an arrow over the center firing prong.

Stomp onto the bladder to fire an arrow.


  • Although the blaster is named the Missile Launcher, it does not in fact fire missiles. It is instead designed to fire arrows.


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