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Missile Launcher
Blaster typeSingle-fire air-powered missile blasterMissileLauncherBox
Ammunition typeMissiles
FeaturesIntegrated missile storage
Firing rangeIf fired correctly, the Launcher can reach up to forty feet.[1][2][3]
ReliabilityThe Missile Launcher cannot jam. However, the blaster is very finicky and will sometimes not fire correctly. It is impossible to hit anything with perfect accuracy, but if a enemy is up close, there is a chance of hitting them.
Rate of fireIt can fire one rocket every two seconds.
CapacityThis blaster holds up to four missiles at a time; one is placed on the firing prong and the other three are placed in the missile holders.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThe Missile Launcher is a very dated blaster. It is not recommended to get this blaster due to its lack of useful ability in a Nerf war.


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