For the N-Strike Elite version, see Mission App Tactical Rail Mount (N-Strike Elite).

The Mission App Tactical Rail Mount is the name of two different Nerf accessories that were released in 2013 under the Rebelle series.


Both versions of the mount are designed to hold a smartphone and allow the user to use a Nerf app while attached to a blaster's tactical rail. Smartphones are placed into the mount horizontally; holes are included in the mount's backside for use with the device's camera. Simply put, this is where the similarities between the two versions end.

The original white, black and pink model is designed to hold an iOS smartphone; Android and Windows phones are not compatible with the mount due to the location and size of the holes for the camera.

The white, gray and pink version of the mount is completely redesigned and can now also hold HTC, Motorola, and Samsung smartphones (and possibly others too), due to much larger holes.


The Mission App Tactical Rail Mount has been released in the following variants:

  • White, black, and pink (only compatible with iPhones)
  • White, gray, and pink (compatible with phones by various manufacturers)


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