For the Super Soaker initially named this, see Monster X.

The Monster is a Larami Super Soaker that was released in 2001 under the Monster series.

It comes packaged with a Quick-Fill Device.


Though the Monster is the smallest model of the Monster series, it is still considered a very large soaker. Like its bigger brothers, the Monster X and Monster XL, it features similarities in performance to and the technologies of both CPS and Super Charger series soakers. This allows the user to fill the soaker either through normal means by removing the cap on the water tank, or by using the included Q.F.D.

Its main feature is its multiple nozzle settings. There are four in all: "2.5x", a light setting, "4x", a medium setting, "8.5x", a heavy setting, and "Fan Blast", a nozzle firing a six-way spread.


It was later re-released as the CPS 4100, sans Q.F.D. functionality.



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