The Monster XL is a Larami Super Soaker that was released in 2000 under the Monster series.

It comes packaged with a Quick-Fill Device.


The Monster XL is, at its core, two Monster Xs side-by-side, sharing the same reservoir, in the form of a singular soaker. Like other Monster soakers, it can use its included Q.F.D. for faster refill times, or through normal means by removing the cap on the water tank and filling it up from there. The Monster XL features an integrated bipod, allowing the user to fire it from a stationary position.

It has multiple settings on both nozzle selectors: "5x", "10x", "11.5x", "Power Burst", a four-way spread, "Typhoon Blast", a six-way spread, and "Aqua Storm", a spray similar to a shower head. Only one nozzle has the Aqua Storm setting; the other has an "Off" setting to centralize all firepower through a single nozzle.


The Monster XL was re-released in 2002, albeit as a model with much shorter nozzles.


  • The Monster XL is the only Super Soaker to feature a built-in bipod.
  • The Monster XL holds the title of the largest Super Soaker.
  • Only one other soaker features the dual nozzle selector concept: the 1996 XXP-275 of the XXP series.



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