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A motorized direct plunger is a type of plunger system. It is electronically-based, like flywheels, yet it is more efficient because it resembles the basic form of a direct plunger. As of current, the Stampede ECS, the Swarmfire, the Vulcan EBF-25, and the Speedswarm are the only blasters to use this firing mechanism.


This mechanism is motorized and is actually integrated with a direct plunger system. When the trigger is pulled, the dart is loaded and the piston is released simultaneously, causing the dart to fire. This is a direct plunger because the plunger simply moves back to create an air seal, and then releases to fire the dart. The motor inside the blaster resets the mechanism so that it can repeat over and over again.


It was first used in the 2008 N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25, and has been most recently seen in the 2012 Dart Tag Speedswarm.

Oddly enough, the N-Strike Elite series, which consists almost entirely of direct plunger blasters, has not seen a blaster released with a motorized direct plunger; all motorized blasters released in the series so far have been flywheel-powered blasters. This does not include the Elite Repaint of the Vulcan EBF-25.

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