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Multishot Madness is a sub-series of Nerf N-Strike Elite and Vortex blasters released in 2013.


All blasters under the sub-series feature the ability to launch two darts or discs at once.


The series was first revealed in November of 2012.[1]

Multishot Madness products


Name Year
Diatron Diatron 2013
Roughcut Rough Cut 2x4 2013


  • It is the second side-by-side sub-series, the first being Light It Up.
  • The N-Strike Barrel Break and the Zombie Strike Sledgefire can also fire more than one dart at a time, with the Sledgefire being able to shoot up to three darts at once, yet neither of them are included in this sub-series. This can be explained by the mechanic they use, as the Diatron uses a lateral level priming, while the Roughcut features an intelligent air system, which were not used on previous shotguns.

Official videos


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