A screenshot of the game.

N-Strike Data Defense is an online game available to play on the Nerf website.


It is an aiming game in a similar fashion to N-Strike Agent Training where the player must fire at one target to obtain the most points. The difference is that targets will shoot back; if the player is hit enough times, they will be defeated.

At the start screen, the player receives an "incoming message from headquarters". It discusses a security breach, and sends the player on the mission to stop the data transfer before certain secrets are disclosed. The player is then given the choice to start a mission, the only one that can chosen being mission one.

Mission one arms the player with a Longstrike CS-6. The Longstrike, however, does not directly hit any target; instead, it undershoots all shots fired. This causes some difficulty to hit the moving targets at the top of the screen. Eighteen enemies are then sent out, and once they are on the screen, they immediately begin to attack the player. The player, with thirty health, deals one damage per shot taken. Every dart fired by the enemies is an instant hit unless the player can shoot the dart.

After clearing the round of enemies, the player moves onto the next round. The following rounds all consist of similar missions with varying blasters.


At the end of the game, this message will appear;

"You have stopped the flow of sensitive data and defeated the enemy! N-Strike trade secrets are preserved and your fellow agents are protected."

Featured blasters

(In order of appearance)