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N-Strike Elite Mega
Release information
Years active2013 - present
Product count3
Related seriesN-Strike Elite

N-Strike Elite Mega is a sub-series of Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters.


This series features the use of the new Mega Dart type and features blasters that can fire incredible distances. Blasters within this series have a red color scheme and feature the "Mega" logo frequently on each's shell design.


This was the first series to use the newer type of Mega Dart.

In June, 2014, the Magnus was spotted under Zombie Strike color schemes. In addition, Mega Darts also became a Zombie Strike product. This meant that the N-Strike Elite Mega series had officially crossed over to the Zombie Strike line alongside many other current series.



Image Name Year
Centurion Centurion 2013
1374765 356638724470310 636488361 n Magnus 2014
Poodsadsad Thunderbow 2014
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