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NB-1 Missile Blaster
Blaster typeSingle-fire push-and-pull missile blasterNb1missileblaster
Ammunition typeMissiles
FeaturesIntegrated missile holders
Firing rangeThe NB-1 could reach great distances because it was powered by how fast the handle was pulled back. It could reach distances of up to fifty feet.[1][2]
ReliabilityThis blaster was unable to jam, but its handle could break if it was jerked back too hard. The front part of the blaster also had reports of falling off during use. It also has a small size, making it a good ambush missile launcher. This blaster had very poor accuracy. This is caused by the firing style of this blaster; it is hard to steady the blaster while firing.[3] Missiles are also an ammunition type that has been known to be very inaccurate.
Rate of fireThe NB-1 could fire one missile about every second.
CapacityThis blaster held only one missile at a time. The holder holds two more. In addition to firing missiles, the NB-1 Missile Blaster is also compatible with Mega Darts.[4]
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThough it could shoot far, the NB-1 Missile Blaster had horrendous accuracy, making it almost useless in a long-range encounter, which is what this blaster is supposed to excel in, on the other hand, it has a rather good size, good for ambushes.


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