The Nerf N-Strike Double Blast Bundle is a product set for the Nerf N-Strike video games that was released in 2010.

It comes packaged with one game disc, the Switch Shot EX-3, the Red Reveal accessory, and three Whistler Darts.


The game disc for the Double Blast Bundle includes both Nerf N-Strike and Nerf N-Strike Elite in it. This version includes the blue Switch Shot EX-3, the rarer kind that was introduced for the release of Nerf N-Strike Elite.


  • Oddly enough, on the side of the packaging for the Double Blast Bundle, the Maverick REV-6 is incorrectly called the "Maverick REV-5".
  • This was one of the few ways to obtain Whistler Darts in Canada, which were almost never sold with any blasters, which instead opted to feature Sonic Micro Darts instead.

Official videos

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