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This page is designed to help Nerfers in Hong Kong that don't know what blaster to buy or where to get it. This page will hopefully solve those problems, as it contains what blasters are available in the Hong Kong, where they are sold, the price of the blaster, and if the blaster is worth the money you paid for it.

Nerf Retailers in Hong Kong

The number one retailer of Nerf products in Hong Kong is Toys 'R' Us, as it stocks the Sonic Series, the Barrel Break IX-2 , Pyragon, Stockade and the Element EX-6 Action Kit. Most retailers in Hong Kong has a fixed price for every Nerf product, but Toys 'R' Us sometimes has sales on specified blasters.

Blaster availability in Hong Kong


TRU: Toys 'R' Us

(S):Sonic Series available

(C):Clear Series available

Pistol-like blasters

X: Not sold in store
O: Sold in store
Blaster Price TRU
Maverick REV-6 119.9 HKD O (S)
Nite Finder EX-3 89.9 HKD O (C)
Reflex IX-1 N/A X
Barricade RV-10 199.9 HKD O
Element EX-6 199.9 HKD O*
Barrel Break IX-2 249.9 HKD O (S)
Jolt EX-1 N/A X
Proton 119.9 HKD O (S)
Vigilon 179.9 HKD O (S)
Sharp Shot 99.9 HKD O
Speedload 6 179.9 HKD O
Speedswarm 259.9 HKD O
Snapfire 8 179.9 HKD O
Strongarm 129.9 HKD O
Firestrike 99.9 HKD O
Rough Cut 2x4 249.9 HKD O
Stryfe 249.9 HKD O

Rifle-like/heavy blasters

Blaster Price TRU
Alpha Trooper CS-18 199.9 HKD O
Spectre REV-5 149.9 HKD O
Deploy CS-6 199.9 HKD O
Vulcan EBF-25 ? HKD O
Longshot CS-6 N/A X
Longstrike CS-6 399.9 HKD O
Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 399.9 HKD O
Recon CS-6 249.9 HKD O
Stampede ECS 599.9 HKD O
Rayven CS-18 329.9 HKD O
Praxis 279.9 HKD O (S)
Swarmfire 419.9 HKD O
Nitron 499.9 HKD O
Lumitron 329.9 HKD O
Retaliator 329.9 HKD O
Rampage 399.9 HKD O
Hail-Fire 549.9 HKD O
Stockade 279.9 HKD O
Pyragon 549.9 HKD O
*: Only available in certain stores
**: Unknown availability

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