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This page is designed to help Nerfers in India find and purchase blasters.

In India, Nerf is yet to reach the poularity it has acquired in the United States and other countries like Australia, Canada, etc. The two most basic Nerf blasters found in India are the Maverick REV-6 and the Recon CS-6. Other Nerf blasters are hard to find becuse of misconceptons about the toys being harmful due to the power they have (which they don't have unless they are modified).

People who have visited India, and people who stay in India must be knowing two popular places in India: Mumbai and Delhi- the former being the economical capital and the latter being the political capital. Most Nerfers will find every Nerf blaster they seek at these two places; Mumbai is a better choice if you are looking for Nerf blasters in India, because every toy imported from any other country in India, first first reaches Mumbai. In Delhi, two common places to find Nerf products would be Khan Market and Ambience Mall.


Product Price (in Indian Rupees (RPS))
Furyfire 2-Player Set 2000 RPS
Longshot CS-6 2799 RPS
Maverick REV-6 550 RPS
Nite Finder EX-3 450 RPS
Proton 750 RPS
Pyragon 2999 RPS
Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 2789 RPS
Reactor 649 RPS
Reflex IX-1 275 RPS
Sharp Shot 500 RPS
Strikefire 2-Player Duel System 1249 RPS
Vigilon 1000 RPS

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