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The reviewing system is an organized rating system for the Nerf Wiki. Here below is how dart blasters and should be properly reviewed. The review system does not feature a numbered rating and, instead, uses a simple "pass or fail" system.

Important notice: Reviews of all dart blasters will now be done on a separate page and will be locked from editing. Users may post suggestions for revisions to reviews in the article's talk page. Personal reviews will only be allowed on personal pages, such as user pages, blog posts, and forum topics.


Review articles are locked in order to prevent counter-intuitive edits, biased information, and vandalism.
If you wish to discuss the blaster's performance and scoring, please visit the article's talk page. It is highly recommended to view the reviewing rules before leaving a message on the talk page.

Blaster typeN/AUnknown
Ammunition type?
Firing range
Rate of fire
Final verdict and summary

To insert this template, insert {{BlasterReview}} into the page. For how to use the template, see Template:BlasterReview.

Rules on rating


The reliability rating is based on the functionality of the blaster. Any difficulties in using the weapon, including jamming, breaking, holding, or shooting problems, should also be mentioned here. A blaster's accuracy is also included in here.

Firing range

The firing range of the blaster. Include both flat and angled ranges, if possible.

Rate of fire

The rate of fire rating should be based on how many darts it can fire in about one second.


The stock capacity of the blaster. If the blaster uses an interchangeable capacity with accessories (ie: clip system blasters), use the packaged accessory for the review.

Final verdict

The final verdict of the review can either be "pass" or "fail".

This is followed by discussing the blaster's strong and weak points and whether it is recommended or not to be purchased.

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