This is a list of well-known Nerf modders.


Bobololo is a popular Nerf modder.

Aside from blaster modifications, he also posts video reviews of blasters.

His older YouTube account was accidentaly deleted in the process of editing an e-mail address.

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LordDraconical, also known as Drac, is a popular Nerf modder that has been in the community since 2008.

He was once best known for never showing his face, however in newer videos, he shows his face sometimes. His various blaster modifications range from Mavericks to Longshots; his most well-known modifications include his "radioactive" and Tron Mavericks, as well as his Longshot and Maverick integrations. He also makes tutorial videos.

He was previously a co-author on Nerf Mods & Reviews along with jerm781. He currently co-authors on Foam Nation alongside Mired Thoughts.

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Mod Works

ModWorks was a popular Nerf modding blog run by SG Nerf. It exists as a sideblog from his main news blog.

He was best known for posting images of blaster internals, as well as creating and posting modification guides. His blog and channel were not updated since 2012.

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NerfOMania was a popular Nerf modder.

He was best known for his work with homemade blasters, including the original creation of the Pumpsnap. He has not made a video since 2014.

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Stefan Mohr

Stefan Mohr was a Canadian Nerf modder who was best know for inventing the Stefan dart, which is a homemade dart that performs much better than stock darts. He also designed many other types of homemade darts, but Stefans were the most popular.