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Barry Kudrowitz

Barry Kudrowitz is an Assistant Professor of Product Design and was the creator of the the Atom Blaster from the Ball Blasters series. It was developed through his master's degree research at MIT for Hasbro.

He developed other products, including a ketchup-dispensing robot. He appeared on the television show Mythbusters along with a team of designers from MIT to help recreate Archimedes' Death Ray.

In 2011, inspired by his work on the Atom Blaster, Kudrowitz began teaching a course at MIT titled "Toy Product Design".[1] The course is designed to assist young inventors who are considering pursuing the inventing field of toys.

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Lonnie Johnson


Lonnie Johnson was the inventor of the Super Soaker line as well as several Nerf products in the 1990's. He created over sixty Super Soaker patents in his career. Aside from this, he is also a scientist and the owner of two companies. He is believed to have stopped designing Super Soakers with the demise of Larami.

Reyn Guyer

Reyn Guyer (born as Reynolds Windsor Guyer in 1935) is an American inventor. He is well known for inventing the Nerf Ball and the Super Nerf Ball for Parker Brothers. He has been inducted into the Hasbro toy and game inventors' hall of fame.


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