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Nick & Nerf is a sub-series of Nerf Sports that was released in 1995.


It consists of sports-related products that are made with a twist; they are all weird or wacky variations of regular sports (for example, Feetball is a spin on Football). They were co-developed with Nickelodeon, from which the name was developed. The sole exception to this was the Super Aggro Crag, which was based off of the final event of the same name from the show Nickelodeon Global Guts.

Nick & Nerf products

Image Name Year Sport
Nick&Nerf1995BackwardsBasketball Backwards Basketball 1995 Basketball
Nick&Nerf1995Brainball Brainball 1995 Football
Nick&Nerf1995DizzyDodgeball Dizzy Dodgeball 1996 Dodgeball
Nick&Nerf1996Feetball Feetball 1996 Football
SuperAggroCrag Super Aggro Crag 1996 Skee ball

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