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Blaster typeSingle-fire flywheel system disc blasterNitronnew
Ammunition typeXLR discs
FeaturesPackaged scope, integrated shoulder stock, integrated grip, one tactical rail, two strap points
Firing rangeThe blaster gets an average range of fifty-five feet flat and sixty to seventy angled. Ranges might change depending on how fast the blaster is fired.
ReliabilityThis blaster hardly ever jams, but can be a little complicated to use. If it does jam, disks can get severely damaged as the blaster cannot be stopped until it's turned off. Despite this, jams rarely occur; if wet or dirty discs are used, it jams very frequently.
Discs might veer off course a little if firing in wind, nevertheless, this blaster is very accurate. It is most accurate at ranges of forty to sixty feet, because when the discs get fired, they swerve off to the right but curve back towards the target.
Rate of fireThe Nitron has a slightly underwhelming rate of fire for an automatic blaster, averaging at a maximum of three discs per second, although it takes two to three seconds to warm up after the acceleration trigger is pulled.
CapacityThis blaster can holds twenty discs total. It comes packaged with one magazine and twenty discs. It also has room in its integrated stock for an extra magazine.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Nitron is weaker compared to other Vortex blasters in terms of range, but it can still make it up to seventy feet angled. It has a disappointing rate of fire for an automatic blaster, but is still very powerful, and it can store a large amount of discs. The only downsides are, it needs six C batteries which are huge, heavy and expensive as well as loud because of the flywheel system that the Nitron uses.

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