The On The Go Keychain Blaster is a Nerf blaster that was released in 2016.

It comes packaged with detachable ammunition storage, a detachable tripod, three foam pellets, and a carrying case.


The On The Go Keychain Blaster is far more similar with that of a McDonalds Happy Meal blaster than a full-size, standard Nerf blaster. It fires small foam pellets instead of darts. Its ammunition storage accessory clips onto the front, under the barrel; its tripod clips underneath and in front of the blaster's "clip".

Reloading and firing

To reload the On The Go Keychain Blaster, load a single pellet onto the muzzle.

Pull back and push the back "shoulder stock" piece to fire it.


  • Unlike other blaster-like keychains, the On The Go Keychain Blaster is not modeled after an actual Nerf product.
  • Although advertised, the Keychain Blaster does not have Elite ranges.

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