The Overload is a Hasbro Super Soaker that was released in 2006.

It comes packaged with a water backpack.


The Overload is a backpack-based Super Soaker, succeeding the 2005 Aquapack Devastator. The main blaster itself holds 680 mL of water before attaching the backpack, and can be used on its own. The backpack can be detached and used on other blasters. The backpack itself was later sold separately the following year as a part of the Aquashock under the moniker of the Max Infusion Backpack.

The blaster itself has three different nozzle settings, ranging from a regular stream, a fan stream, and a wide stream.[1] The Overload features a track-mounted pump and attaches to the backpack through its reservoir cap.


It was originally released in 2006, however did not make the jump to the 2008 series. It was, however, released in a green color scheme without the backpack in 2008 as the Hulk Gamma Strike. The soaker did not make the jump to 2010's Soaker Wars lineup, indicating the soaker is most likely discontinued.

This soaker is notable for being modified and re-released as the Secret Strike, which featured a slightly longer water reservoir and no backpack accessory.

Color schemes

The Overload has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Blue and orange
  • Green and blue (Hulk Gamma Strike)


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