Raider whiteout paint

A Raider CS-35 with a District 9-inspired paint job by meandmunch.

Painting is when the user paints their blaster to their liking. It is the most common form of modifying one's blasters. Many common paint jobs include coloring the blasters black or with a camouflage pattern. However, some people choose to only paint over certain parts of their blaster. They use this to their advantage in a Nerf war.

When painting blasters, it is recommended to keep the tip or muzzle orange, as a painted blaster may be perceived as a real weapon by others.



A painted Maverick with some slight shell additions.

In order to paint one's blaster, the user must take apart each piece individually, so that unwanted parts don't get risked of being splashed with paint. Often a repainted blaster occupies a different name, as the painter feels the need to claim it as their own "creation". Most paintings are done with multiple coats of spray paint, as it is the paint that dries the best. The most common repaint themes are the N-Strike theme on non N-Strike blasters and the Whiteout Series theme on N-Strike blasters.

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