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Blaster typeSingle-fire body-mounted dart blasterPerceptor
Ammunition typeMega Darts
FeaturesBody-mount capability, integrated sight, integrated dart holders
Firing rangeThe Perceptor has a firing range of up to twenty feet.[1]
ReliabilityIt cannot jam, but the whole blaster can easily fall off while the user is running around. The complexity of the design also kept it from being very reliable. This blaster almost never hits its target, as the barrel was attached to the side of the user's head. It was also very short. However, there was a sight that hung down from the Perceptor's headpiece that one could use to aim better.
Rate of fireThe Perceptor has a rate of fire of one dart every seven seconds.
CapacityPerhaps the only positive function about the Perceptor was its capacity of six darts.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailIt was an innovative idea at the time, but none of the features of the Perceptor's blaster worked well. It had horrible accuracy and range, and was also a very difficult blaster to use. It is recommended that one holds off on this blaster's purchase unless for collection or aesthetic purposes.


  1. NC Review - Nerf® Perceptor(TM).

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