Not to be confused with the tactical rail pinpoint sight.

The Phoenix LTX pinpoint sight is a Nerf Lazer Tag accessory. It comes packaged with certain Phoenix LTX Tagger blaster sets. Despite featuring an electronic light, it does not require batteries, and is instead powered by the tagger.


The sight is only compatible with the Phoenix LTX via rail system similar to that of the tactical rail; it is not compatible with other taggers released under the Lazer Tag Team Ops series released by Tiger Electronics.

Like other Nerf sights and scopes, the Phoenix LTX sight does not feature any sort of magnification and is simply just a crosshairs graphic on plastic with a green light. However, it is powered by the tagger itself unlike the Lazer Tag Team Ops Virtual Scope, which is powered by batteries.


It was only available in a value pack of the Phoenix LTX.

Color schemes

The Phoenix LTX pinpoint sight has been released in the following color schemes:

  • Blue and silver
  • Yellow and gold

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