The Platinum Bow is a Nerf blaster that would have been released in fall of 2016 under the Rebelle series.

It would have likely come packaged with three 24" arrows, a target, and instructions. 


The Platinum Bow is advertised as the biggest and farthest-firing Rebelle blaster ever with ranges up to one hundred feet. It has an adjustable sight on the inside of the blaster, where arrows are also loaded.


The Platinum Bow was first announced at the 2016 New York Toy Fair.

Though announced, the Platinum Bow was never available for purchase in stores and was seemingly cancelled for unknown reasons. It would have been the first bow to fire 24" arrows; it was ultimately succeeded by the Dude Perfect Signature Bow.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Platinum Bow, take one arrow and carefully glide it through the opening in the center of the blaster. Grab the fin of the arrow and pull it back with the bow string.

Release the string to fire the arrow.


  • This would have been the only Nerf bow to come packaged with 24" arrows, which were later released with the Dude Perfect Signature Bow and its own refill pack.