The Power Pak is a Larami Super Soaker that was released in 1999 under the Super Charger series.

It comes packaged with a Quick-Fill Device.


Similar to the earlier CPS 3200, the Power Pak is a Super Soaker consisting of a blaster connected to a backpack-type water reservoir. The blaster itself has a port on the front so that it could be hooked up to a Q.F.D. for faster refills. The backpack reservoir has three CPS-style elastic water bladders, which also act as the blaster's pressure chamber system.

The blaster component has four different nozzle settings; "3x", "10x", "Sweep Stream", a fan-patterned spread, and "Saturator", a shower head-style spray.

Color schemes

  • White and red (prototype)
  • Beige, orange, and green (U.S. release)
  • Purple, light green, and blue (European release)

Reloading and firing

To reload the Power Pak, the user must connect the blaster component to the Q.F.D., which must be attached to a water hose. Once the backpack reservoir is filled, the user can simply fire by pressing and holding the trigger with no need for priming.


  • It is one of two backpack-based soakers in the Super Charger series, the other being the Big Trouble.

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