The Praxis is a Nerf blaster that was released on September 10, 2011, under the Vortex series.

It comes packaged with a shoulder stock, one ten disc magazine, and ten XLR Discs.


It is a long rifle-like blaster similar to the Alpha Trooper CS-18 and Recon CS-6; like the former, it has an underhand pump-action loading system.

The Praxis features a tactical rail on top of the blaster above the magazine slot. It also has an attachment point for shoulder stocks, as well as a medium-sized hole behind the tactical rail and on the muzzle's iron sights where a strap can be attached. An unjam switch sits high on the right side.

A Vigilon and Praxis blaster set was released, containing a Vigilon, Praxis, two ten disc magazines and fifty-five XLR Discs.


On March 3rd, 2012, Nerf released the Lumitron, which essentially is a Light It Up re-release of the Praxis.

Color schemes

The Praxis has been released with the following color schemes:

Reloading and firing

To reload the Praxis, press the magazine release button to remove any loaded magazines in the blaster. Load up to ten discs into the bundled magazine, then load the magazine into the blaster. Pull the priming slide back, then push it forward to chamber a disc.

To fire the disc, pull the firing trigger.


  • The Praxis is not compatible with the Retaliator shoulder stock.
  • It is the only Vortex blaster that comes with a detachable shoulder stock.
  • For some reason, the first generation of the Praxis seems to jam frequently when the user tries to fire quickly.[citation needed]
  • The release lever's location make it ergonomic for lefties instead of righties.


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