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Blaster typeSingle-fire torsion spring disc blasterProtonnew
Ammunition typeXLR disc
FeaturesOne tactical rail, one strap point
Firing rangeThe Proton has an excellent firing range, reaching up to sixty feet.[1][2] It is possible to reach eighty feet if angled.[3]
ReliabilityThis blaster rarely jams.[4] It has a jam door although one will not typically have to use it. Discs can fall out if the blaster is primed and aimed at the ground. A safety mechanism in the blaster prevents dry firing which can prolong the lifespan of the blaster.[5] The blaster has excellent accuracy, always shooting discs straight and far.[6] There is also slight deviation to the right due to the firing mechanism,[7] but if aimed accordingly it has excellent accuracy.
Rate of fireThis blaster can fire one disc every three seconds.
CapacityThe blaster comes packaged with three discs but can only hold one disc at a time. It can also hold one extra disc by loading a disc into the blaster via muzzle.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Proton has good range, decent accuracy, and great reliability, but lets itself down in rate of fire and capacity of discs. Overall, it is not the best blaster to make a primary, but it is a good secondary blaster that can challenge a Nite Finder EX-3.


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