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Blaster typeSingle-fire ball blasterPulsator sm
Ammunition typeBallistic Balls
Firing rangeThe Pulsator's range is a disastrous twenty feet.[1][2]
ReliabilityThis blaster jams only when using newer green Ballistic Balls.[citation needed] The blaster is also quite loud when firing.[3] The handle will occasionally break off.[4] The blaster's accuracy is rather poor.[5]
Rate of fireThe Pulsator can fire at an incredible rate of six balls a second. It is one of the fastest ball blasters produced.[6]
CapacityThe blaster holds three Ballistic Balls in each barrel for a total of six balls.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThe Pulsator is a mediocre ball blaster. The sheer fire rate of six balls a second makes it great for ambushing and unleashing a quick volley of projectiles. It is a great addition to anyone's collection, however due to its poor range and accuracy, should not be brought into battle.


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