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Blaster typeSingle-fire/slam fire magazine-fed torsion spring disc blasterPyragon
Ammunition typeXLR discs
FeaturesSlam fire, detachable shoulder stock compatibility, one tactical rail, one strap point
Firing rangeThe Pyragon has an excellent range of sixty to seventy feet, which is higher than what most Vortex blasters are capable of. Better yet, the Pyragon does not lose range when slam firing.[1]
ReliabilityThe Pyragon very rarely jams. Although if the trigger is pulled slowly, it will lose accuracy. When rotating between the inner chambers of the forty disc drum, a disc may pop out occasionally.
Like all other Vortex blasters, the discs that the Pyragon fires curve off to the right when first fired, then curve back to the left. However, it is easy to adjust for as the Pyragon does this consistently.
Rate of fireThe Pyragon has an astounding rate of fire. It unleashes four to five discs a second, which is fast even compared to other slam firing blasters. It was also proven to shoot all forty discs in 8.1 seconds.[2]
CapacityThe Pyragon features a forty disc drum, which is the largest stock ammo capacity ever released for a Vortex blaster.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Pyragon is a great blaster, with its high rate of fire, power and large capacity being definite advantages. It is easily regarded as the best Vortex blaster, beating out the Praxis as the new fan favorite.


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