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Experience the Intensity

RIVAL is a series of Nerf ball blasters that was released in fall of 2015.

It is not available in stores in Australia due to toy safety requirements.[1]


Designed for Nerfers ages fourteen and up in mind, the RIVAL series features high performance blasters for "competitive team-based play."[2] All RIVAL blasters are magazine-fed and feature an accessory rail very different from the standard tactical rail.

All products released under the series will be released under two color schemes: red and blue.


The RIVAL series was first announced at the 2015 New York Toy Fair.



Name Year
Apollo-red Apollo XV-700 2015
Zeus Zeus MXV-1200 2015
AtlasXVI-1200 Atlas XVI-1200 2016
KhaosMXVI4000 Khaos MXVI-4000 2016
Artemis-red Artemis XVII-3000 2017
NemesisMXVII10K Nemesis MXVII-10K 2017


Name Year
Facemask-bluebox Face mask 2015
Foamround-25 High-impact round 2015
12roundmag-box Twelve round magazine 2015
BattleCaserefill Battle Case 2016
BatteryPack-box Rechargeable battery pack 2017
NERF RIVAL Flashlight Grip Accessory Flashlight Grip 2017
NERF RIVAL Red Dot Sight Accessory Red Dot Sight 2017


  • Each of the blasters in this series are named after a figure from ancient Greek mythology.
  • The series of letters that follow each blaster name is Roman numerals that translate to what year the blaster was released (e.g. Apollo XV-700. XV is Roman numerals for "15", and the Apollo was released in 2015). However, "M" seem to be a exception, as it would instead designate the "Motorized" feature.
    • The number in each name also holds a meaning. Every "100" in a blaster's name means one round of ammunition in the magazine's capacity. An example: the Khaos MXVI-4000 has a capacity of forty rounds.

Official videos


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  2. Paul Mindemann (2015-02-14). 2015 Nerf RIVAL Details and New Photo Released | Blaster Labs.

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