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Gear Up Raider CS-35
Blaster typeSingle-fire/slam fire clip system reverse plunger dart blasterRaider Gear Up
Ammunition typeStreamline Darts
FeaturesPackaged shoulder stock, slam fire compatibility, integrated dart storage, two tactical rails, two strap points
Firing rangeThe Gear Up Raider has the same firing range as the original Raider. When slam fired, it has an average range of twenty-five to thirty feet. However, when not slam fired, it can reach lengths of thirty-five to forty-five feet unless bad darts are used.
ReliabilityIt doesn't usually jam unless bad darts are used or if it has been loaded past its full capacity. It may start to jam if darts are misplaced. Constantly slam firing the Raider causes darts to be easily chewed up. The Raider is much more reliable in single-fire mode.
It has average accuracy for a clip system blaster. Accuracy may be slightly decreased when using the drum, because the weight and position of the drum moves the blaster's center of gravity out to the side; this makes it harder to hold level and aim accurately.
Rate of fireThis blaster can fire very quickly. It generally fires about three darts per second when slam firing. However, this rate is decreased when jams are taken into account while slam firing extremely fast.
CapacityThis blaster has the largest capacity of any N-Strike blaster, holding thirty-five darts in its included drum. It can hold an extra dart in its handle, totaling the blaster's capacity at thirty-six darts.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Raider CS-35 is considered to be an excellent blaster; the Gear Up version of the Raider works just about the same as the original. While it is slightly expensive, the blaster is well worth it. The blaster features a large capacity and is one of the fastest firing N-Strike blasters. There are a large number of positive aspects about the Raider and it is a highly recommended blaster.

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