The Raider and Barricade shoulder stock is a adjustable medium sized Nerf detachable shoulder stock that was released in 2009 under the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged with the Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 and the Captain Cassian Andor Deluxe Blaster. It also comes in a special value pack for the Barricade RV-10. This accessory cannot be purchased separately.


The shoulder stock can be adjusted by extending or collapsing its length. The stock can be adjusted by pulling on it to extend it or by holding down the button on the side of the stock to collapse it. It has four positions on its adjustable system. After excessive use, the brakes can wear down. This causes the stock to detract when pressure is applied to the back while extended.

A similar shoulder stock was released with the Shot Blast Super Soaker.

Color schemes

The Raider shoulder stock has been released with the following color schemes:


  • If it is put on the recalled version of the Recon, the stock will have to be removed in order to prime the blaster.
  • At the longest setting, the Raider's stock is as long as the Recon's stock.
  • It has trouble fitting onto some Alpha Trooper CS-18 blasters.


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