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Rapid Fire AS-20
Blaster typeSingle-fire air-powered dart blasterRapidFireAS-20
Ammunition typeMicro Darts
FeaturesSemi-automatic/fully automatic firing modes
Firing rangeThis blaster has a reliable range of thirty to thirty five feet.[1][2] The updated N-Strike model may fire farther than the regular model, especially when using Elite Darts.[3]
ReliabilityJamming does not occur with the Rapid Fire. When fired in semi-auto mode, it sometimes skips chambers. In a Nerf war, it is suggested to use a back-up blaster. It is possible to keep the Rapid Fire topped up with darts and pumping it up roughly two pumps per reloaded dart. One problem with the Rapid Fire is that it has the possibility of developing an air leak.[4] Individual darts are not very accurate. But if all are fired at once, one is bound to hit its mark.[5]
Rate of fireThis blaster can unload all of its twenty darts in three to four seconds, which is about an amazing five to six darts per second. The main problem with the Rapid Fire is its long reload time between firing all of the darts.
CapacityThis blaster holds up to twenty darts at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThis blaster is an excellent form of suppressive fire. It works best as an ambush weapon or back-up and for holding a position. At around 30.00 USD, this blaster is a cheaper alternative to other fast firing Nerf blasters, such as the Vulcan EBF-25 (~50.00 USD) and Stampede ECS (~55.00 USD).


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