Rapid fire run

The splash screen for Rapid Fire Run.

Rapid Fire Run is a Flash game on the Nerf website.


The player runs through a three dimensional course and shoots oncoming obstacles out of the way. There are four blasters in this game; the player starts with the Retaliator, and unlocks the Rough Cut 2x4, Centurion, and the RapidStrike CS-18 over the course of the game.

The player runs straight the whole time, and there are several different types of obstacles. There are crates which must be destroyed or knocked out of the way, bridges requiring the player to shoot objects to make them fall into place, and walls that the player must shoot through.


  • The course has different sections separated by doors. The player can sometimes shoot obstacles through the door.
  • Closing the game and re-opening it will make it appear that all game data has been lost. Replaying the first level will restore saved progress.

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