Raven as she appears in Nerf N-Strike Elite.


Not to be confused with the Rayven CS-18 blaster.

Raven is a character from the Nerf N-Strike video games. She is the Long Ranged Specialist of N-Strike Elite. She has a focused mind which allows her to take out a Gadfly from two hundred feet away with her eyes closed. Her favorite and default weapon is the Vengeance REV-8.


In Nerf N-Strike, Raven helps to train Shane to become a member of N-Strike Elite. In Nerf N-Strike Elite, she is a playable character who uses long-range blasters.

List of Raven's blasters


Raven is a very level-headed character. She keeps her cool during stressful situations and almost serves as the second-in-command behind Shane. Due to her no-nonsense demeanor, it can be assumed that she is the oldest of the members. She often becomes agitated with Tango's constant sarcasm and the two are known to exchange snappy comments.