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Razor Fin
Blaster typeSingle-fire double-barreled dart blasterRazorfin
Ammunition typeMega Darts
FeaturesIntegrated dart storage, pop-up fin
Firing rangeThis blaster can fire at an average thirty-five feet.[1][2]
ReliabilityThis blaster should not jam. However, the complicated firing system may confuse some.[3] It has fair accuracy.
Rate of fireThis blaster has a rate of fire of one dart every second.
CapacityThe Razor Fin uses the double-barrel system first seen on the Sharpshooter II. In addition to this, it holds an extra dart in the integrated dart storage underneath the barrels. In total, it holds up to three darts at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Razor Fin is a rather average blaster. Its only downfalls are its accuracy and its reliability. Despite having very mixed reviews, the Razor Fin is still one of the best blasters in the Max Force 2112 series. The double-barrel concept was relatively new, and would later go on to excellent blasters such as the SplitFire and Switch Shots Ultra. The Razor Fin was a unique blaster, and a pioneer for future designs.


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