The Rechargeable Battery Pack is a Nerf accessory that was released in 2017 under the RIVAL series.

It comes packaged with a wall charger, which is used to charge the battery itself.


The Rechargeable Battery Pack, as its name suggests, is meant to be a rechargeable replacement for using individual batteries in battery-operated RIVAL blasters. It holds power for the equivalent of six "D" batteries without weighing the same as six actual batteries. The pack is advertised as increasing a blaster's rate of fire[1].

It is compatible with the Khaos MXVI-4000, Nemesis MXVII-10K and the Hera MXVII-1200[2]; it is not compatible with the Zeus MXV-1200 & the Prometheus MXVIII-20K, as their battery tray designs are different from the rechargeable battery's design.



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