The Recon shoulder stock is a non-adjustable Nerf detachable shoulder stock that was released in 2008 under the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged with the Recon CS-6.


The Recon shoulder stock is attached with a simple standard ratchet locking mechanism. There is an orange switch on the left hand side of the breech end of the stock, which unlocks the stock from the blaster. The stock also features storage for an extra clip.


Later versions of this stock do not feature the piece with the hole in the center of the blaster; instead, this entire piece is just a shell. This was to make room for the updated version of the blaster's cocking mechanism, which is larger than it previously was.

Color schemes

The Recon shoulder stock has been released under the following color schemes:


  • The Recon stock is often proclaimed as wobbly due to the rear section of the stock only secured by two thin dowels of plastic in parallel.
  • Sometimes on the new Recon, when one pulls the clip out of the stock, it may leave a gray streak on the clip. In addition to that, some Nerfers may find the stored clip to be annoying since it is so close to the handle.
  • It has difficulty fitting onto some Alpha Trooper blasters.
  • It is the only N-Strike removable stock attachment that has the ability to carry a clip without modification. Because of this, it is a good choice for long-duration Nerf wars.
  • It is capable of holding an eighteen dart drum, however this may be uncomfortable for left-handed users as it protrudes from the side and makes it difficult to put the user's free hand on the clip or barrel.