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Red Strike is a sub-series of N-Strike blasters. These blasters feature red plastic casings and were released during "Black Friday" sales in 2009.

They were exclusive to Walmart.

Red Strike products


Image Name Year
Red-longshot-cs6 Longshot CS-6 2009
Red-recon-cs6 Recon CS-6 2009
Red-vulcan-ebf25 Vulcan EBF-25 2009


  • Many Nerfers commonly refer to this sub-series as Crimson Strike. This essentially has become a fan name for Red Strike.[1]
  • This is the only special color series in the N-Strike line that did not include a version of the Maverick REV-6. Additionally, it was the only special color series to include a version of the Longshot CS-6.


  1. Tactical Tag: Rant: "Crimson" or "Red" Strike.

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