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Reflex IX-1
Blaster typeSingle-fire reverse plunger dart blasterReflex II
Ammunition typeWhistler Darts/Sonic Micro Darts
FeaturesPocket-sized, one tactical rail, one belt hoop
Firing rangeThis blaster has a flat firing range of twenty five to thirty five feet.[1][2] A high arced shot can reach about forty feet or further.[3][4] There is no change in performance for the Elite Repaint variant.[5]
ReliabilityThe Reflex IX-1 suffers from from inconsistent ranges, which can hurt he blaster's performance. This blaster never jams, however, the catch sometime malfunctions and de-primes immediately after being primed. There have been a lot of breaking issues with it. The handle may begin digging into one's hand after a prolonged period of usage.[6]
Rate of fireThe fastest rate of fire which a user can achieve is one dart every two seconds.
CapacityThis blaster is advertised to hold up to one dart at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThe Reflex IX-1 is a decent blaster, although its performance was nothing special and often had issues with misfiring.


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