Revenge is a sub-series of Nerf Zombie Strike Super Soakers that was released in 2015.


The Revenge sub-series features Super Soakers that fire not only water, but special "Infectizide" goo.


Despite being announced in 2015 to be released the following winter, the blasters and the products were only later officially listed on Nerf's website in the beginning of 2017, along with a new soaker for the sub-series.

Revenge products

Super Soakers

Name Year
Contaminator Contaminator 2015
Infector Infector 2015
Zombinator Zombinator 2017


Name Year
B12DB12C50569047F56EB74D2602DF9A Infectizide Refill Pack 2015


  • Revenge soakers share a similar main feature with the 2006 Oozinator, which also fired a goo-like ammunition.

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