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Nerf maverick

The Maverick REV-6, an example of a revolver.


A revolver (abbreviated as REV with N-Strike number codes) is a type of Nerf blaster that features a revolving and rotating barrel.


Revolvers are commonly reverse plunger blasters giving them lackluster power as compared to other blasters.

Members of the modification community often dislike revolvers because of their lack of firing power and modding potential; revolver-type blasters are also considered to be a "baby's first mod" blaster, as they are relatively easy to modify.

Although these do not feature the number code in their names, the Dart Tag Furyfire, Hyperfire, Rebelle Sweet Revenge, Zombie Strike Hammershot and N-Strike Elite Strongarm are considered revolvers.

REV blasters


Name Year
Firefly REV-8 Firefly REV-8 2005
Nerf maverick Maverick REV-6 2005
Spectre REV-5 Spectre REV-5 2010

N-Strike Elite

Name Year
Spectre REV-5 NSE Spectre REV-5 2013


Name Year
Furyfire Furyfire 2009
Guardian crossbow Guardian Crossbow 2013
Strongarm Strongarm 2013
Wildshot Sweet Revenge 2013
Hammershot Hammershot 2013
Nerf Rebelle Spylight blaster Spylight 2014
Doominator Doominator 2015
FlipFury FlipFury 2015

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