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The Revonix360 is a Nerf blaster that was released in fall of 2013[1] under the Vortex series.

It comes packaged with thirty multi-colored XLR discs and instructions.


It has one long tactical rail on top of the blaster, as well as an attachment point for a detachable shoulder stock. The blaster is also able to be slam fired, like the Pyragon. An eject lever for jammed discs is located on the right side of the blaster, above the drum. There is also a grey jam door directly behind the eject lever.

The Revonix's main feature is its integrated thirty disc drum. Like the forty disc drum, it holds its discs in separate chambers; there are five chambers that each hold up to six discs. Each of the chambers has a cut-out slit, allowing the user to see how many discs remain in each.

What is unique about this blaster's drum is that it seats discs vertically instead of horizontally. Discs are flipped from a vertical to a horizontal position before being fired by the blaster's internals. The drum itself rotates after being fired, much like the N-Strike Elite Strongarm; it can also be rotated freely by hand. Compared to the Pyragon, this blaster is quite loud when chambering the next disc. The drum has an insert point for discs located on the left and right side of the blaster.


The Revonix360 was first shown off at the 2013 New York Toy Fair. It can be seen as a successor of sorts to the 2012 Pyragon.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Revonix360, load up to thirty XLR discs into the integrated drum via disc slot on the right side of the blaster. When one section of the drum is full, spin the drum by hand to load the next section.[2]

Pull the handle back and forth once to prime it; pull the trigger to fire a disc. To slam fire, hold down the trigger and repeatedly prime the blaster.




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