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Blaster typeSingle-fire/slam fire torsion spring disc blasterRevonix360edit
Ammunition typeXLR discs
FeaturesIntegrated rotatable disc drum, detachable shoulder stock compatibility, one tactical rail, two strap points
Firing rangeThe Revonix360 has a flat firing range of about sixty to seventy feet.[1][2] At an slight angle, its ranges increase to up to eighty feet.[3] The gray trigger model fires considerably less, however.[4]
ReliabilityThe Revonix360 is much louder than its supposed predecessor, the Pyragon.[5] It doesn't jam too often and if it does than it is reasonably easy to unjam. Like other Vortex blasters, the disk curves right to left when fired, but it will often curve back again, therefore hitting its target.
Rate of fireUsing slam fire, it can fire up to five discs a second.
CapacityThis blaster holds up to thirty XLR discs in its integrated disc drum.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Revonix360 is a very good blaster. Its astounding range and rate of fire make it a good successor to the Pyragon. However, it is louder and jams more frequently than the Pyragon.


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